Parlor Car #1799

Status: Watch List

Year Listed: 2017

Built as an extra fare car, Parlor Car 1799 operated from 1901 to 1941 along the Northern Pacific Railway. With its decorative glass windows, fine interior veneers, and intricate inlays, Parlor Car 1799 represents the Golden Age of rail travel in the US. The car was converted for use as a beach front cottage on Whidbey Island after its decommissioning in 1941. The owners, now wishing to redevelop the land, have generously offered the car to the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie. The museum has secured partial funding to relocate the car, but permitting issues involving shoreline development remain to be sorted out, creating uncertainty surrounding the project. The goal is to relocate the car sometime in 2017 to the museum. Once securely moved to the museum facility, restoration of Parlor Car 1799 will begin in earnest.