Heritage Barn Grants

Preserving Heritage Barns

Since 2007, the legislature has allocated funding to provide owners of designated Heritage Barns with matching grants for the purpose of assisting with barn rehabilitation projects. Understanding that Heritage Barns constitute a public good in economic, social and historic terms, it was believed that a capital investment that works to retain these structures was warranted. Through the program, owners of designated Heritage Barns (or barns previously listed in the National Register of Historic Places or the Washington Heritage Register) may apply for grants to assist with stabilization and rehabilitation projects designed for the long-term care and preservation of listed structures. All work must be implemented in a manner that is sensitive to and consistent with the historic nature of the building.

Since establishing the grant program, the Heritage Barn Advisory Committee has reviewed 392 applications and provided over $1.7M in matching grants to 83 barn rehabilitation projects statewide.

Heritage Barn Grant Applications are now closed

Historic agricultural structures listed in the Heritage Barn Register or the National Register of Historic Places and are in need of substantial repair are eligible to receive grant funds. Heritage Barn Grants are matching reimbursement grants. This means that grants require a 1-1 match so that for every dollar received in grant funding, the applicant must match with a dollar of their own money or with donated goods, services, or labor (valued at $15/hour or market rate for donated professional services). The grant funds are also disbursed on a reimbursement-basis only, meaning that award recipients will only receive grant funds for project expenses with proper documentation and only after the work is completed.

For more information on the reimbursement procedures, please read the Protocol for Reimbursement.

More information about the grant program and application process can be found in the Heritage Barn Initiative Grant Program Guidelines & Procedures document below. If the program is again funded by the Washington State Legislature for the 2019-2021 Biennium, we anticipate that grant applications will re-open in summer 2019. For questions about the grant program, please contact Jennifer Mortensen, Preservation Services Coordinator via email or at 206-624-9449.

Guidelines & Procedures

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The Heritage Barn Grant Program is a program of the Washington State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation. Additional program information can be found on the DAHP website.

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